Leaving Seoul, On A Bullet Train…


Finally found a good breakfast spot on our last day in Seoul

Not a lot to tell about our last morning in Seoul. Bailey and I got up early to get some coffees for the team and scouted out some possible breakfast places since our choices have been somewhat limited previously. We found a little bento-box style place offering tasty meat choices over rice.



Collin working on a look for senior pics in five years


Next, after a quick sweep of the apartment for any straggling power cords or converters we were off to the train, getting to Seoul Station without problem on the subway. The always seems to be the law of the land that as soon as you become marginally proficient in a city’s subway, you leave.


The gang heading out to the subway for the KTX

We were at the station plenty early, so we had our tickets moved up to an earlier train. None of the kids had been on a train before and none of the group had been on a bullet train. This new high-speed express train (KTX) has been designed to reach speeds of 305 km per hour, making the travel time from Seoul to Busan less than three hours.



On the KTX express to Busan from Seoul

The scenery from the train was nice and really displayed what I hadn’t fully realized before: South Korea is fairly mountainous. Most of the cities along the way had huge high-rises, as it seemed flat land was in high demand.


The taxi ride drove us past a large portion of the port area (the 10th busiest port in the world). Just like in Seoul, the street naming and addressing was a complete mystery to us and without a skilled taxi driver getting us there, we would have been completely at a loss on how to find our Airbnb.


Lunch…and everyone was happy with their choices!

After settling in, we headed out for a quick lunch and found a spot that seemed to be within our tolerances for explaining what we wanted (meaning it had menus with pictures). Bellies full, we decided to head out to one of Busan’s main attractions, the beach. We were luckily two subway stops from Haeundae Beach.


Sand sculpture artists had already been there, greeting us with some very nice sculptures to start our visit.



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