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Employment History

Senior Data Scientist 7/2015 to Present

  • Statistical analysis, forecasting and predictive, classification and optimization model development Types of projects:
    • Truckload pricing – analysis of nationwide freight pricing to create proprietary pricing model. Project emphasized geospatial analysis (clustering geo regions) with multivariate linear models. Renegotiated contracts helped stem $250K in contract service losses with agents.
    • Freight load consolidation with route optimization – Recommendation process for freight cost and route optimization with load consolidation and shortest-route determination. Project had potential bottom-line impact of $750K annually (realized, $150K).
  • Tool and programming development:
    • Data processing interfacing with DB2 and PostgreSQL platforms. Typically used Python libraries (SQLAlchemy) .
    • Perfunctory RESTful API development to deliver predictive capabilities to enterprise architecture. Primary development was in in Flask and RabbitMQ.
    • GIS development using Leaflet and Folium.

Senior BI Solutions Engineer 8/2014 to 07/2015

  • Duties include oversight of physical, development and strategic BI architecture
  • Managed a data architect/data modeler – developed an initial MDM roadmap
  • Assisted Teradata selection process (RFP, selection committee, implementation strategy)
  • Development of import data processing on Teradata platform
  • Tableau environment architecture oversight. Assisted in determining server architecture to meet growing adoption and utilization. Also worked with end users on designing Tableau reports
  • Created HDFS utilization strategy for large equipment telematic data

Senior Business Intelligence Manager 5/2014 to 8/2014

  • Responsible for coordination of Omaha unit BI resources
  • Managed a team of data scientists

Director – Business Intelligence, Database & Analytics 12/2007 to 5/2014

  • Managed a team of 21 ETL, report developers and analysts. Duties included hiring, terminations, performance reviews, employment contract negotiations and bonus/raise finalization and SMART goal development.
  • Provided strategic leadership to adopt widespread use of OLAP cubes and implementation of Tableau for dashboard use. Typical time-savings per CSM was estimated at 3 hours per week.
  • Added Data Science team (Dec 2012). Built team from one analyst to four. Team implemented several well-received analytical models responsible for $4M in annualized cost savings of truck maintenance costs.
  • Implemented MDM practice – formed a Data Governance committee as proxy data stewards, defined master data definitions for the enterprise, performed data scalability estimates for tractor telematics data.
  • Managed up to 9 databases administrators, ETL developers and data modelers. Duties included hiring, terminations, performance reviews, employment contract negotiations and bonus/raise finalization and SMART goal development.
  • RDMS platforms included Informix 10, DB2 LUX 9.7 and SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008. ETL platforms were DataStage, SSIS and DTS.
  • Responsible for several million dollars worth of software procurement.
  • Re-architected nightly ETL process which was consistently failing its defined SLA by utilizing CDC processing.
  • Authored and championed several data and data development standards for the organization.

Manager, Database, Business Intelligence, EDI teams 11/2005 to 12/2007

  • Managed group of up to 8 database admins, developers, analysts and architects. Duties included hiring and terminations, performance reviews, employment contract negotiations and bonus/raise finalization and SMART goal development.
  • Responsible for team production hardware & software procurement. Followed RFP and scorecard selection process for large purchases.
  • Re-aligned T-SQL development process within team. Post development errors dropped by 95%.
  • Refined process for capturing and optimizing poor-performing processes. System uptime and throughput improved by 35%.
  • Part of team which developed a healthcare claims data warehouse. Developed ETL processes using SSIS.

Senior Database Administrator/Technical Team Lead 11/2004 to 11/2005

  • Oversaw development efforts for three technical staffers
  • Primary database administrator for internal applications. Oversee 23 production SQL Server servers. Total data management of 2.3TB of OLTP data. Functions include creating maintenance processes, replication management, disaster recovery, monitoring and query optimization.
  • Primary database developer for internal applications and reporting (T-SQL).
  • Created replication strategy between Oracle and SQL Server. Reduced expenditure from a $30K application procurement to a two-week development, testing and implementation cycle for one developer.
  • Saved $15K in hardware and licensing fees by adopting a warm backup approach (t-log shipping) over clustering.

TEK SYSTEMS, Omaha, NE, Omaha, NE
Consultant 8/2004 to 11/2004
Client: Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  • Performed query optimization (T-SQL) on several critical database processes
  • Developed documentation for database coding standards and processes
  • Standardized development database environment. This included creating backup, maintenance, security and coding environments.

Senior Database Team Lead 8/2002 to 8/2004

  • DBA for over 18 SQL Server 2000 machines comprising over 1.2TB of data. Functions include data security, disaster recovery (with off-site warm production utilizing t-log shipping), backup maintenance, replication management, and performance optimization and monitoring.
  • Developed several administrative tools to monitor daily server process, performance, and event/object states with SQL WMI (implemented with VBScript).
  • Primary T-SQL developer on several internal applications. Heavy emphasis on complex, computational models for financial statistics.
  • Technical lead for in-production processing and T-SQL development.

Ad-Hoc Trainer (Part-Time 10/2002 to 11/2004)

  • Trainer for new SQL Server 2005 Admin and Development Beta curriculum
  • Trainer for SQL Server Microsoft Official Curriculum 2072 (database administration), 2073 (database development).
  • Curriculum developer and presenter for specialized database-related courses (Advanced T-SQL Programming, SQL Administration for Non-DBAs).

Senior Consultant 04/2000 to 08/2002
Client: Midlands Choice

  • Served as database developer and DBA for baseline operations. Duties included general SQL Server DBA tasks (restructuring nightly backups, contingency planning, query and process optimization) and restructuring incoming and outgoing data for provider networks utilizing complex DTS processes.
  • Managed 25 smaller OLTP databases (<10 GB) and two online databases utilized for claims processing and data warehouse reporting each over 510 GB.
  • Restructured ETL functions for greater throughput. Also re-designed fundamental snowflake schemas to stars for reporting optimization.

Senior Consultant 04/2000 to 08/2002
Client: Utilicorp

  • Project centered around implementing a new feature set for Sungard’s Utility Trading software. Served as business analyst to obtain highly technical energy trading specifications for integration, testing, documentation, and project development. Also served as technical project lead on SQL Server architecture and development efforts.
  • DBA tasks included database server hardware selection, configuration, and hardware/RDBMS/OS optimization for SQL Server 2000. Also included was security planning, contingency implementation, and server object code optimization (T-SQL). Implemented database redundancy (clustering) with off-site recovery (transaction log shipping). Facilitated initial server load and query testing utilizing system monitor and sql profiler to fine-tune enhancements and develop baseline data.

Client: Omaha Public Schools

  • Served as post-mainframe conversion/implementation database administrator (MS SQL Server 7.0). Duties include physical and logical maintenance, query optimization, development of server-side objects, security, and applications/processes to augment typical distributed environments (85 WAN-connected servers).
  • Utilized ASP and XML to create web-based applications and functionality to extend a base student information application (XML was used primarily for data island functionality).


Senior Software Engineer and Operations DBA. 12/1999 to 04/2000

  • Coordinated all aspects of data utilization within corporate and regional offices. Duties included defining database object constructs, security, disaster recovery, replication, and code optimization.
  • Secondary utilization of applications developer (primarily involved in data model design, SQL development, object optimization, data access layer design and development).
  • Spearheaded development efforts for heterogeneous EDI translation and data coordination utilizing XML for intermediary sources. Primary technologies employed included MS BIZTalk server (core translation services, some rudimentary mapping and functiod development), MSMQ (loosely-coupled transactions) migrated from NEON’s PaperFree environment.

HDR, Omaha, NE

Contract Consultant – 01/98 to 04/98. Database Team Lead (FTE) – 04/98 to 12/1999

  • Utilized ASP, HTML, VBScript, and JavaScript to create toolsets for SQL Server development and management via browser interface using SQL-DMO.
  • Project included serving as a SQL Server DBA reviewing logical and physical designs of the organization’s databases, troubleshooting existing issues, and identifying future issues.
  • Coordinator of DBA processes and tasks. Redefined database development constructs including database object naming conventions, standardization of stored procedures and views, and utilization of data objects for component-based applications.
  • Lead data modeler and database consultant for several projects. Utilized Data Architect for physical model development.
  • Created DBA tools for database maintenance using SQL-DMO and Visual Basic 6.0.
  • Primary architect and developer for creating enterprise-based data COM and objects using VB 6.0.

Education and Professional Certifications

MA, Doane College               Management
BA, University of NE-Lincoln Major: Economics
Minors: Computer Science & Russian Language
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (lapsed)

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